Medical Translations

Medical translation is a very delicate sector of translation where there is no room for mistakes as it's a matter of life and death of people. 
My active interest in Medicine, partly due to my medical family background, made me follow online training in the medical field. Being adept in the usage of medical terminology, I now also work as a video medical interpreter which has boost my experience in the medical translation environment 100%. Having an in-depth understanding of what needs to be translated in the medical industry, I can accurately convey the meaning of your medical documents including doctors’ notes, reports, test results, invoices, outpatient sheets, correspondence between medical practitioners and health care professionals or documentation regarding medical procedures and tests from English to Greek and vice versa or even from an audio-visual format to a written format. I can accurately convey information shared between a health care provider and the patient.
Having an excellent background knowledge of medical terminology, I can offer you a personal and professional approach to all your medical needs. This is in addition to my professional education and experience as a translator from English to Greek and Greek to English and to my extensive network of professionals in the medical field. I will be in the most pleasant position to take care of your medical documents, medical reports, manuals and user guides, technical specifications of medical devices, research reports, medicines, pharmaceuticals, medical and health care articles. 
All the above are performed with all the due diligence and responsibility I possess as a physical entity and as a professional translator
  Let me help you communicate your medical needs....the


.......because when it comes to translating your medical project needs, accuracy is the key!!!