About Dimitra Vakaloglou

Dimitra Vakaloglou Australian-Greek by origin, was born in Athens, Greece coming to this life equipped with great curiosity, a lively versatile inquisitive mind, an urge for constant learning and new experiences , a great  passion to live life at its fullest and drink from the big cup of life, all things life has on offer!

I am English to Greek translator based in Nafpaktos, Greece, offering translation, interpretation, transcription, typing, editing and proofreading services to any potential agency or client.

I have a vast experience in translating documents and other materials from English to Greek and vice versa. 

I have successfully obtained a double joint Bachelor in Media and Cultural studies and Sociology and Spanish studies and a Master in Media and Communication studies. Both degrees took place and completed successfully in the UK. After completing my studies and already being adept in the environment of academic writing and research, I felt that my basic inner drive is to communicate and express myself through the spoken and written word, therefore, Ι immediately began pursuing a career in the field of translation -interpretation as a freelancer.

My translation experience began early in 2002 when I started to work at a lawyer's office as a freelancer, translating a volume of legal documents on ad hoc basis. This experience has helped me to acquire a sound ability to translate legal documents reinforcing at the same time my knowledge in legal matters on both the English and the Greek legal system.

I perform freelance translations for many years now for various International Translation agencies with which I have grown my areas of expertise to meet their various project needs. Secondly, working for these International Translation agencies I am responsible for following and implementing their quality assurance policies and procedures relating to every project.

Running my own website and interacting with different clients for their translation project needs, I have completed successfully hundreds of projects that needed proofreading, editing or just an accurate and reliable translation that reflects the style and manner of expression of native Greek or English-speaking people.

My exceptional linguistic skills and super command of idiomatic English and Greek language, have made me an excellent freelance translator provider who actively seeks to deliver an outstanding result to any potential client and agency. Strict with details and always meeting given deadlines, no matter what task I take on, (translation, editing or proofreading), I attack it with energy and strive to complete it in an outstanding manner that far exceeds everyone's expectations.

I use the latest versions of monolingual and bilingual dictionaries and Terminology Databases (including databases on the Internet) for the language pairs I work on.

I have excellent computer skills and, as a former English teacher, I am adept at making presentations, connecting with diverse populations, organizing material and promoting adult learning. I can work with files created with all MS Office programs such as Word, Power Point, and Excel.

With each freelance project I undertake I guarantee confidentiality and high quality work delivered on time. My unsurpassed passion to achieve a result that far exceeds my client's expectations is my number one priority. I am available from Mon-Sat from 8.30-21.00. 


For any questions or further information request, kindly contact me via email and I will be more than happy to be of any assist.



With appreciation,

Vakaloglou Dimitra







My customers say:


"Your work is always on time and on count."


My reply to them is that, 

"Being on time and following the described job should be the rule and not the exception"